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A blog where you can confess anything related to 'Misao'. A freeware Japanese horror game by 'Sen' who then went on to make 'Mad Father' and it was translated by 'vgboy' the same person who translated 'Ib', 'The Witch's House', and 'Mad Father'!

All confessions are welcome as long as they relate to 'Misao'.


I&#8217;m kinda glad all the pewdiepie shit is over, but i&#8217;m still pretty sure that they were the ones who started being arseholes to us. they laughed at us when we were talking about them ruining the tag when they kind of were, they were posting things that didn&#8217;t really have to do with the game in general.

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I feel like im the only one who thinks Kudoh and Tohma might be cute together

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I am actually suprised that Yoshino didnt have a messed up childhood. There is one thing if you are a bully but paying people to rape your victims? Thats fucked up.

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 I ship Misao and Aki, in the end I felt like they were the only ones who understood each other.

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Whoops, sorry I have posted anything in a while. I’ve been busy.

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I don&#8217;t agree with Sohta&#8217;s actions, but I do understand his mindset. It wasnt okay, what he did to Misao, but it wasnt his fault as much as it was those who teased him for his face. He only wanted someone to love him for himself, because he couldn&#8217;t.

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Though Misao&#8217;s plot is pretty basic where you search and end the curse of your friend. I won&#8217;t deny that it seems cliche but I actually have a strong attachment to the game

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I hated Sohta&#8217;s character, bullied or not. Everyone has been bullied through their school years. &#8220;He didn&#8217;t have any love so he doesn&#8217;t have enough sense&#8221; is a poor excuse, if he isn&#8217;t insane he should have enough humanity to not kill everyone. Then he grew up never sticking up for himself, assuming the worst of everyone, and molesting and killing the only one he could relate to. The only way I could forgive him is if he was mentally unstable.

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I really want to cosplay as Aki!

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Sometimes I feel ostracized from the fandom because I really like Sohta as a character. Not as a person, mind you, but as a well-developed character.

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